Let's say you already have an idea, a name, a brand and space to put everything. You're excited, but you also are running short on time because you're just that good. Maybe you've even got a pretty decent amount of clients or viewers. Now you need somebody to help you with content writing, web promotion, SEO help, more readers, more viewers, a new look, or even somebody to proofread. I can do that.


If You Need A New Brand or Identity...social media marketing promotions revamp blogging
Maybe you're starting at the beginning. Maybe you kind of have an idea, or a product, but that's it. You're not sure where to begin - or you don't like the way you started off. Now you need somebody to take your idea, your product, your You-ness, and figure out why it's so awesome - then tell the right people about it. I can do that.


If You Need Things to Look At...graphic design digital art illustration logo design web design
There are a lot of things out there, and a lot of categories for those things. Do you need a logo, a business card, a flyer, a website, a letterhead, a display, a label, digital art, apparel, or something nice to hand out? Maybe you already have those things, but you want them to look prettier - shinier - better. I can do that.


how can i find you?

You can email me, if you just look over to the left there, under "DON'T WAIT" (which is good advice). Beyond that, I spend a lot of time online, on Facebook, Twitter, blogging, once in awhile Myspace, and sometimes playing WoW - in that order. When I'm not attached to a keyboard, I'm probably enjoying San Diego's culture, or (on rare occasion) sleeping.

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DON'T WAIT. seriously.

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